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Product Categories

Custom Guitars

Here you can find a range of custom guitars, designed and made by Nick Hartell (NAH Guitars). From time to time he has a small number of guitars that are made and ready for shipping. If you can't find what you want, you can design and order your own custom guitar by visiting his website NAHGuitars or find out more about the services he offers for electric, acoustic and bass guitar setup and repair

Guitar Care Products

We have formulated a range of products that are designed to care for your guitars and other types of stringed instruments. From oils and creams for fretboards, to lubricating gels for nuts and saddles, you can find products that will help your guitar play to its best potential and help keep it in good shape.

Specialist Kit Guitars

We can supply guitars in kit form, ready for final finishing. One of our kits is based upon the guitar played by Lyndsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac. We can supply the bodies and necks that can be glued together and finished by yourself. These are made to order and currently take 6-8 weeks to prepare for shipping.

Guitar Peddles and Electronic circuits

This is the home of Big Willy's Phat Middle Peddle, a versatile parametric equaliser that can be purchase as a standalone peddle or as a printed circuit board that is small enough to be put inside guitars. Here you can also find our piezo pre-amp circuit board which is a simple and inexpensive way of buffering the output of your piezo pickups.

Templates and Drawings

We can supply templates and PDF drawings for many different styles of guitar including the famous Model 1 designed by Rick Turner.