Big Willy's Guitar Care Products

A range of products designed by our Luthier to help you care for your electric, acoustic and bass guitars and other stringed instruments.

Big Willy's Fretboard Batter

A natural creamy balm to moisturise your fretboard and to prevent cracking

Big Willy's Fretboard Moisturiser

A lemon fragranced mineral oil to help preserve and moisturise guitar fretboards.

Big Willy's Nut Butter

A white gel formulated to lubricate nuts and other sensitive areas to improve tuning and playability

Big Willys Lead Pencil

A graphite base lubricant gel for all types of nuts to improve tuning and playability

Big Willy's Conductive Paint

Painting your cavities with this graphite paint will improve shielding and reduce electrical noise.